Geneva in Stripes

IMG_4746IMG_4754Hello! I’m really excited for this post because it combines my love of fashion with my love of Architecture, as the shots were taken in some stunning locations.

I originally wanted to post this dress in 2 ways, taking it from day to night, but Friday became quite cold and 5 minutes before leaving to shoot the post, I realized I would freeze to death! Read more

Friday Faves

Happy Friday to everyone out there! Living so far from “home” can be difficult, and I speak alot about the difficulty of adjusting overseas. Somedays you just want to curl in a ball and read or binge on your favorite show downloaded from the internet in English. Some days I do that, but it’s better to go out. Today has been great as I spoke on the phone in length to my Mom, my sister, and my best college friend, Christi-Anna. These conversations mean so much to me! Yesterday, however,  I was feeling super homesick, so I went into Geneva to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte (IS there anything better for homesickness) and do some shopping!
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