Fall Fashion Buys in Amsterdam

Trying to decide what to blog about, I tried to envision what I’m passionate about. In addition to traveling…meeting new people and seeing new things….I love fashion and Interior Design. As you can tell by previous posts, getting pampered and all things girly and beautiful, I love as well. I love to pay attention to details, even if it’s simply adding a bright lipstick to a drab outfit. One of my favorite things in the world to do is go with friends and family and help pick out decor for their homes, or pick out a special outfit for a special event. Being very opinionated teamed with a desire to help my friends feel and look their best, I do believe we should pay attention to beauty. Beauty in the way we create our homes, design our cities, dress our bodies and so on. Even on a tight budget, little details matter.

I’m hoping to start studying Interior Design soon as that was my favorite part of selling real estate in NYC, and wanted to start including more about things I love here in my little space on the internet. I do not want this to be a fashion blog as I’m not sure I’m stylish enough, but I do have a certain taste, and why not put it down.

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