Finding Beauty Amongst Grief-Crete

Today we arrived in Crete, Greece. We desperately need this trip as Dragan has been working crazy hours for the past 6 weeks and we have not had any quality time together; in fact we’ve had virtually no time together at all. Read more

Valentine’s Day is Coming!



Hey Everyone! Dad—Be warned–This is a Girly post. 🙂 Most women are thinking about Valentine’s Day that is coming this weekend, be it negatively or positively. I remember being single in NYC for so long, and dreading the day I knew I wouldn’t be getting any flowers…….. but in a sense, I loved that time. Read more

Romper Look 2

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 2015/01/img_1633.jpg Hey Everyone. On my last post, I demonstrated taking my summer romper into winter with Fur boots, vest and a dose of Glam, but in the same day, I quickly changed the look to be more casual. I simply changed out my fur vest to a boyfriend cardigan, and my boots exchanged from heels to flat over the knee boots! I love this look so much because it is classy and comfortable and great for walking around a city……or a mall. Thanks as always to Jasper for being so perfect in all my photos. I should start a blog just for him. :-)( Read more

A look Back…..

Happy New Year’s to all my friends who stumble upon and choose to read this blog of mine. I’ve been rather lazy when it comes to writing, as it was my first Holiday season spent away from America and I just wanted to experience the days as they came.

We met Dragan’s family in Annecy, France on the 23rd, and I will post about that next, but then we spent the next 3 nights where Dragan grew up in Bellegarde, France.( Read more

Frolicking in France



Today was my last day in France for a bit. I just love walking around our Lake during the Autumn season, with the leaves falling and the air crisp, I find a new pep to my step. What is it about this time of the year that makes one feel alive?? I’m all dressed in my favorite outfits for fall and traveling as we are heading out later this evening to the airport to travel.
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A new Step

This weekend was rather exciting for us as we drove Sunday 4 hours into the middle of France to…………!

Meet and reserve our new puppy! For those who know me, know that I lost my girl Bailey July 29th and that broke my heart. I posted a letter to her in my blog that I went back and read this morning before I could write this.  I wanted to wait until I felt more ready, but as I still can’t work here, we decided it was time. Not wanting to have another small dog, as Bailey needs to have that place in my heart, we decided we wanted a Golden Retriever. We went to the breeders’ house and the puppies are only 13 days, so we have reserved a boy, but will pick him out when he’s just a bit older. As I’m going to the US for over a month, this is perfect, as we will get him at the beginning of December. I’m very excited, and although a part of me feels a sense of sadness for moving ahead, I believe it is the right thing to do! I will continue posting on this new adventure and I look forward to sharing our little boy. We were told we have to name our dog with the letter J. Isn’t that bizarre? Something about French law and tradition as it coincides with the year 2014, and although my natural tendency is to rebel against anyone telling me what to do, I think we will try to respect that in honor of our time living here in France. Here are the babies. We did not get to meet the mother as she is with her pups, but here is a pic of the papa! Do you have a Golden? Would love to hear!

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 11.18.53 AM Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 11.19.55 AM

For the weekend, I wanted to show 2 different ways to wear a summer maxi skirt in Fall. I love both looks.
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A Swiss Summer’s Day in Fall..Farmers Markets… and FOOD

Hello All. 🙂 There is a video at the bottom of this post if you don’t like READING. 🙂 Greetings from our little town.
photo 1
Today has been just a spectacular day here in Switzerland. It was sunny and 75 and a perfect day for walking, getting gelato and going to the Farmer’s Market. An interesting aspect to living here is that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is closed on Sundays. This is quite wonderful but can also be a little frustrating as I’ve always loved shopping on Sundays. Living in NYC, Sundays were often my busiest day for showing clients homes and usually I would reward myself with pampering and shopping after…….sigh….I DO miss that. Especially since a pedicure is over 100 here and most places don’t put your feet in water and, well, you can just FORGET about that foot massage…..

I digress….( Read more