Recipe for a Great Book Club

IMG_5014This week was actually rather busy for me, as I’m improving my Expat social calendar weekly. I started a Book Club here in my neighborhood and I hosted the first meeting. We read the book, “The Miniaturist”, and I have to admit it was not as good as I had hoped. It had everything to make it great, with a historical and lovely setting, a promise of mystery and intrigue, and promising complex characters, but it all fell short. To me, the book seemed like it touched on everything but fully developed little. Read more

Creativity solves the nightstand issue

As we are trying to sell this place in Divonne, I haven’t wanted to buy any new furniture but as our current decor is really a conglomeration of Dragan’s stuff and the things I brought here from NYC, the desire to make it look more like a home plagues me. We hope to sell to give us the freedom to move into Switzerland or perhaps the freedom for new opportunities were they to come our way. I’ve just had a lamp sitting by my bed for reading in the evenings, but looking around our room, I noticed my two favorite lamps I brought from NYC on the dresser. When I purchased them in NY from Arhaus, they were meant for my dresser to give my room extra light (bedrooms in NY don’t have overhead lighting)  and I thought they fit perfectly. They do. ( Read more