Getting Organized


Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great day and feeling fantastic as we sail into the middle of our week.
I’m a pretty organized person, but I tend to keep track of it all in my head, so I wanted to get a planner to help me keep track on PAPER. Paper…….that illusive object we hardly ever use anymore, as we hold everything we need in our smartphone……but that I find suits my mind much more. I find it soothing to write things in paper and I enjoy pretty patterns and beautifully colored pens. I really enjoy browsing through luxe paper stores, as I appreciate the attention to detail as well as the effort to making ordinary things beautiful! After some searching, I have found the perfect planner and they come from Erin Condren.

Although she offers many products, I chose to buy a Life Planner on her website I cannot begin to explain how wonderful these organizers are to own!!! Packed with all you need as well as an array of additions such as stickers and extra notepads, personalized monograms, gift cards and inspirational quotes. I LOVE it!
I love how pretty it is and how excited I feel to pull it out in public, as I customized mine with a wedding photo on the back, as well as sitting down to plan over a cup of coffee! I’m enamored with writing in my notepad with as it is lined with flowers and has my name on across the top, and I can’t express how freeing it feels to be organized and have all my notes, addresses, events and plans in one spot!

Check out Erin Condren! You will feel so special when it arrives at your door in stunning packaging, I promise you won’t regret it!

Let me know if you have one already or if you like the different patterns on her website! Shop Here!





I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Thanks for stopping by!


Damien and Co………et Voila!!!

This will be my first “review” although to be honest, I have mixed reviews. Always a woman.

Before leaving NYC, I was panicked about 1 thing (well, more like 1000 but this was forefront)—my hair. Knowing it was too early to get highlights that would be fresh for my wedding, I trusted my fiancee to help me find one here. Knowing that Geneva is a very wealthy and very international city, I felt confident there had to be a few good salons.

I started googling reviews and to my dismay, they were not good. On most of the Expat websites, I found these warnings: “Don’t get your hair done in Switzerland” “After having my hair ruined numerous times, I now fly back to London to get my highlights” “There are a few good salons in Geneva but it’s almost always hit or miss” “Do not get your hair done in Switzerland if you don’t speak French!”.

I started to sweat and stress.

I made and introductory appointment at Damien and Co for a consultation with none other than the owner. His English was bleak but I was impressed with his confidence and he touched me on the arm, winking, “do not worry…..”. I should have known. Often in NYC I found that the best salons did the worst jobs as they don’t actually listen. This being said, He convinced me to wait until the Tuesday before my Saturday wedding to do my hair.

I arrived on Tuesday. I was told Damien would not be doing my hair and was introduced to a girl who was lovely but did not speak a word of English. Damien came over and I asked Dragan to translate that I wanted color on my roots (an ashy type blonde just to lighten) with some highlights pulled through as I want it to always look natural even though I enjoy being quite blonde.

He suggested he would put a product on all my roots and that would be enough. I asked him to describe  the process. I asked if it was bleach.
“Ah, of course, bleach!”

I said, please do not bleach my roots.

“Ah, but your hair is all blonde, so I lighten and brighten, et Voila!”

I asked again not to have bleach on my roots.

“This is what we do to combine what you are wanting. I promise.”

Dragan left and I was on my own trying to once again stress. “my hair grabs yellow” emphatically trying to stress that I do not like yellow.

“Don’t worry” said Damien as he walked away, once again winking. The other girl came up, “Ca va”…….ummmm…….”Tres Bien” “s’il vous plaît NO BLEACH except a bit to brighten??”



I had the panic the moment I glanced an albino-esque color to my forehead through the towel on walking past the mirror. I hadn’t seen Damien since he consulted me but he came to do the drying……

Should I be honored?

I told him, “It looks yellow……remember I said I wanted the yellow out of my hair?” to which he gave me his award winning smile.

I let him keep drying hoping that it would miraculously look better. I mustered a little laugh, “I’ve never been THIS blonde” while trying to let him see the fury in my eyes but not wanting to seem rude.

“You wanted brighter. You wanted your roots blonder. ET VOILA!!!!!!!!” OMG.

Knowing I couldn’t communicate and that my parents were waiting, I left. Poor Dragan. I know the burden he felt on finding me a place to do my hair. I’m very particular. I’m a perfectionist. He didn’t respond well.

For the next 2 days I fretted and fretted knowing I would not settle for my hair to look albino-esque for my wedding. Not to mention that Damien and Co was where I had all my wedding stylings scheduled for our weekend of events. MON DIEU!

I luckily found a place in Nyon with a wonderful stylist named Sam at Lionel B in Nyon, Switzerland. He spoke English and promised he could fix my hair on Friday morning. He saved my wedding. I cannot recommend him enough!!!

Damien and Co Review Part 2 coming……..