Spring Cleaning! 

IMG_4624Hi Everyone! We have been so spoiled by gorgeous Spring weather here along Lake Geneva for the past few weeks, that today when a rainy and cold day hit, I was actually caught by surprise!!! Ha! But, still in the mood for Spring, Dragan and I had a cleaning day.

After starting our day with fresh Pain Chocolat, and watching The Hangover 2( I know, I’m a little embarrassed) we got to work! How much do you love these mugs?  They make GREAT gifts! The “D” mug is from C Wonder and the “S” mug is from Anthropologie!!


We played great music ( Missy Higgins Radio mixed with Bruno Mars radio on ITunes) and we organized, mopped floors, cleaned windows….basically all the things I hate ❤️…..and bought fresh flowers for all over the house. I love all flowers, but for Spring, I’m a Tulip girl all the way!

I live how clean my house feels right now and enjoying some of my new purchases! I bought this floral vase at Anthropologie when in London, the super cute canisters at Hobby Lobby in Ohio, and this cute clock and outdoor floral bucket at IKEA!



Think I’ll run a bubble bath…..have a glass of wine……and read! Currently reading “The Miniaturist” and LOVING it! It’s Historical, Suspenseful and Thought Provoking!

Hope you have. A great day! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more up to date daily photos on Travel, Fashion, and My Life!!!

Noel en Suisse…..en France.

Hello All! I have so many things I want to write about, but I’ve been distracted and busy with getting ready for the Holidays and taking care of our new puppy, Jasper. He is so stinking cute, if not a bit naughty. 🙂

As I have been working for the past few days to get our house “ready” for Christmas (Noel in French), I wanted to share a few of the differences. I will have to share more after I experience my first Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as I hear it’s quite different, but for now I will share the struggles (er….experiences ?) in decorating. :-)(

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Getting into The Christmas Spirit


I love Christmas! I love everything about it, but mostly I love the experiences my parents have given me over the years of establishing traditions that I hope to continue on in my own home! I hope to tell you some of those as we get closer to the season…….but on this post, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things that I do!(

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Metallics Part 1


One of my favorite looks in fall and winter is metallics. Its the best way to blend silver gold and bronze and goes with most anything. It is all about adding a little sparkle to your life! I got these J.Crew pumps last winter and I just love them. The bulky heel makes a statement and provides a level of comfort for a heel. 🙂
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Creativity solves the nightstand issue

As we are trying to sell this place in Divonne, I haven’t wanted to buy any new furniture but as our current decor is really a conglomeration of Dragan’s stuff and the things I brought here from NYC, the desire to make it look more like a home plagues me. We hope to sell to give us the freedom to move into Switzerland or perhaps the freedom for new opportunities were they to come our way. I’ve just had a lamp sitting by my bed for reading in the evenings, but looking around our room, I noticed my two favorite lamps I brought from NYC on the dresser. When I purchased them in NY from Arhaus, they were meant for my dresser to give my room extra light (bedrooms in NY don’t have overhead lighting)  and I thought they fit perfectly. They do. ( Read more


I’ve started taking This home from Dragan’s cool bachelor pad to our home! First step was a proper table. I love that we found one where the top matches out island but the base brings in more of the rustic feel I love. Rustic meets modern. And the chairs are super great bc they will match my Barcelona chairs when they arrive and the metallic studs will match the ones on my couch! Plus I think it is feminine and masculine at the moments which is what you need when making a home for a man and a woman, right? Also I’m doing a little Christmas decor but as we are going to the states for the holidays, I didn’t want to do too much. Well, ACTUALLY I did, bc I’m a proper Christmas fanatic…….but……..reality starts somewhere!!
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