BCBG, Louis Vuitton and the Color Orange in Geneva

IMG_5450 IMG_5467

This past weekend was so rainy and chilly, and although we had a 4 day weekend, we stayed put and enjoyed some refreshing time at home. Saturday we headed into Geneva, as Dragan needed to stop in at Louis Vuitton. They have some AMAZING bags right now, and I’m showing you my favorite below BUT I’m also doing a price comparison to Michael Kors bags, which look similar, but will leave you more money in your pocket! Towards the end of our time downtown, we were poured on, and as the rain began to ferociously fall upon our heads, I found I didn’t feel like running away; rather, I wanted to DANCE beneath it!!! That lasted about 4 minutes, but for those 4 minutes I felt free, dancing in the rain, in one of my favorite BCBG dresses that twirls so beautifully!!  People were looking at me strangely but I didn’t care!

IMG_5483I LOVE, and let me say it again, I LOVE BCBG dresses, and especially their pleated color blocked dresses. I feel so ladylike and elegant, but for Saturday, I paired it with military boots so I was a bit edgier. Also, it was cold. 🙂IMG_5419If you ever find yourself in Geneva, head over to Globus. It’s the best department store in the city, albeit expensive, and in the basement is an incredible grocery store. Think WholeFoods, yet European, and because it’s in Switzerland, think expensive. I don’t know how the Swiss do it, but I swear the fruits and vegetables glisten they are so perfect looking, but they are pricey, as a container of fresh blueberries will set you back about 17 bucks. Yes, that is right. CRAZY town. I know the stuff I buy though (the only place around here where you can buy kale), and they always have the best samples, and as you can imagine the greatest cheese selections EVER. That day they had samples of caramel cheese and OMG was it good……..we kept circling back around to grab more!

Now, let me get to the topic at hand………Louis Vuitton! I love the brand and we have a great relationship with the guys in the Geneva store, so they know I want a glass of champagne, even if we are just stopping in to say hi! Whoop! Now, when I lived in NYC, I always asked for champagne at stores when shopping with my girlfriends, but here, they WILL give it to you, but people seem afraid to ask. I asked at BCBG a few weeks ago, and my friends were like, “Sarah….how can you ask for that?? You think you can just get what you want!”. Well, that’s true. And it’s good for the companies as they are probably more guaranteed a sale if they provide you with a glass. But, let’s be classy ladies…..don’t drink too much. :-)))

Anyway, I am in love with this coral bag at LV, and took a few pictures to share with you. It also comes in other colors, but I just love it for the upcoming seasons.

IMG_5355 I always try and find cute styles in price alternatives as well, and there are plenty this season, but I really think these Michael Kors bags are lovely! I would love to have both the pale blue and the coral! Which colors do you like best???

Before you go, don’t forget to see the links to the clothes and bags below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for Daily pictures! I’m changing my site this week (same name) and I am super excited to show you!

What I am Wearing:

BCBG Pleated Dresses: HERE

Michael Kors Bags: Nordstrom

Louis Vuitton Lockit Bags: HERE

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