Sperry Boat Shoes, Colors  and Rainy Days

IMG_5292 IMG_5265I think one of my most important wardrobe essentials are Sperry Boat shoes and Keds. You won’t see them too much in my posts, as I usually wear my more “put together” pieces, but they are probably my most WORN pieces. They are the shoes I just throw on when I need to run outside or go quickly to the store, or if it’s raining and I don’t want to have the hassle of rain boots, as evidenced the other day when I joined Dragan in Nyon for an afternoon Hot Cocoa. The hot cocoa in Switzerland is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me since I tasted a genuine Pain Chocolat in France. The whipped cream isn’t sweet, but it’s perfect creme topped onto a delectable chocolate drink that you must try. We love to go to Quai 23 in Nyon, which is a pizza joint with a funky decor, that also serves drinks all day, AND you can take your dog!!!


IMG_5305  IMG_5317

Anyway…..back to the shoes. I am obessed with boat shoes, and you don’t need to buy them too often. I’ve owned these pink ones for over 3 years, and I have another favorite pair that are over 7 years old that I still wear weekly. I bought them when I was living in Florida, several lifetimes ago. I also love Keds and you can usually find both at Nordstrom or Macy’s on sale for super cheap, so you don’t mind just tearing them up! I must get my love of Keds from my Grandma, who also keeps several pairs. Also, I have these toothpick jeans from J.Crew in 4 colors, and I love them. AND……they are currently on sale (I put the link below) in several fun colors, so stock up!



I really get affected by the weather, so when it’s raining, I tend to feel down and grumpy……so, I try to wear bright colors to change my frown upside down! I think that is why I care about fashion and decor so much. The colors and styles in my house affect my attitude just like the colors and styles that I wear on my body! When I’m feeling down, I dress up, and I usually feel better! Also, grabbing a hot chocolate in a Disney-esque town colorful town, are a pretty good way to make one feel better as well!

IMG_5277Hope you have a great weekend. Our weather is just still so gross, but, hopefully, we do something fun for the Holiday weekend!

What I’m Wearing:

Toothpick Jeans: J.Crew

Salt Washed Canvas Boat Shoes: Sperry

Chambray Shirt: J.Crew

4 thoughts on “Sperry Boat Shoes, Colors  and Rainy Days

  • Such a great post Sarah! I LOVE boat shoes, and when i lived in florida had several pairs 🙂 I definitely should pick up a few pairs again, i love how you style them! I am a lot like you in the sense where I’m effected by the weather, so i know the value of bright colors on rainy days. so happy we connected on Insta! Happy weekend! XO


  • Such a great post Sarah! Your boat shoes are so cute – i love how you style them. When i lived in florida i had a few pairs, but i think i’ll pick up another pair after reading this 🙂 Love your blog, so happy we connected on Instagram. Happy weekend xo


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