Recipe for a Great Book Club

IMG_5014This week was actually rather busy for me, as I’m improving my Expat social calendar weekly. I started a Book Club here in my neighborhood and I hosted the first meeting. We read the book, “The Miniaturist”, and I have to admit it was not as good as I had hoped. It had everything to make it great, with a historical and lovely setting, a promise of mystery and intrigue, and promising complex characters, but it all fell short. To me, the book seemed like it touched on everything but fully developed little.

However, it gave us great discussion points, and as we had women in attendance from South Africa, Scotland, Sweden, Canada and the USA, we all brought our own experiences.

I wanted to make it special and reflect the setting of the book, so I made bookclub cupcakes, decorated the table with books, put up an Amsterdam house that I received from a KLM flight, put out tulips ( which always make me think of Amsterdam) and wrote the name of the book in Balsamic Vinegar around the cheesball!



I hope you enjoy these pictures! I would recommend if you are doing a theme, also put out food that is representative of the setting of the book, but I could not get my hands on any Dutch food, and found the recipes a bit too complex!!

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