Casual looks as Spring makes its Way into Switzerland




This week has been truly fantastic! Dragan and I went to London for a night (blog to come) and the weather was fantastic and, we were lucky enough to return home to lovely Spring weather here too! This has come just in time for me as I feel Winter had finally begun to wear me down. I know people can suffer from Winter blues and I believe I am one of those people….but, with the sun and some warmer weather, I feel like myself again!

IMG_4488 IMG_4485

I’ve made some really great friends over the past few months, and I had two of them over yesterday for coffee and a ton of laughter. It’s amazing what having friends can bring into one’s life………just like Spring……and I’ve become a better wife and person lately from these friendships. When you move to a new country, state or city even, life can be lonely until you meet some people with whom you can be yourself…….with whom you can be silly and share your stories!



Josephine (one of my new friends from Sweden) and I decided to drive into Nyon for some errands and to enjoy the sunshine with the top down on my car!  When you live in such a beautiful place, photos shoots always seem to happen! We had so much fun and I’m able to share with you some new clothes from J.Crew (Thank you London) that are currently in stores!

IMG_4461-0 IMG_4462-0 IMG_4466-0 IMG_4440-0

I LOVE this new casual Spring Style that is in fashion…….well I always love casual and chic clothing…..hence my love affair with J.Crew…..because it is easy to wear and flattering on all! Slouchy yet feminine pants are out everywhere now and it’s my favorite look as you can easily dress this outfit up by exchanging these flats with a pair of heels and some lipstick!!! I love these pants! I just love them so much and I am OBSESSED with this style of flats. Check them out as I’ve included the direct links below.IMG_4426-0

What I’m Wearing

Sweater: J.Crew Merino Wool Tippi Sweater

Pants: J.Crew Harlow Pant

Flats: J.Crew d’Orsay Flats


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