Visiting Dubai……Part II


I’ve been trying to think of how I could describe my first trip to Dubai. Before going, I felt nervous, yet excited, but mostly uncertain, as I couldn’t comprehend what it would be like actually going to that part of the world. I will start by saying I Loved it 100%, I felt very safe, and was absolutely surprised at how familiar it felt.


There is something magical about Dubai, and I’m not sure how to paint it, so that you can imagine, but I will try. There seems to be a mix of old and new, as you have many men wearing the traditional dress– dish dash (long white robe) and the keffiyeh (headscarf)– which made me feel I has been transported back in time, along with absolutely stunning and brand new architecture, rising out of the desert and Arabian Sea. As you drive along the Palm Jumeirah , you come across the most exquisite buildings and hotels and all around you, cultures coming together in a world where luxury reigns and service is impeccable. I wish I could describe it better. A mix of Vegas (but clean and without people behaving badly) LA, Miami, Naples, FL and Disney World all rolled into one. I was so happy and kept saying to Dragan that Dubai is a great life for those who can do it for a few years, enjoying a tax free city that is extremely safe, brimming with different cultures, opportunities and people, set in a tropical location……great! You do need to remember to be respectful and remember you are in a foreign land with different rules, but I’m so happy to be seeing new places that challenge my way of thinking and open my eyes to different cultures and ways of life!

IMG_3600 IMG_3601 IMG_3751

Our second day we slept till noon and then lounged at the hotel before walking down the beach to Atlantis, and I’m so glad we did because they had a COLD STONE creamery!!! Whoop!!! The resort was completely awesome in other ways too, with a water park, aquarium, and basically anything you can imagine. Again……it’s that magical feeling, with crazy building rising out of the desert, saying “we have anything you can imagine!”.

IMG_3421 IMG_3493 IMG_3396

Our second night we went to dinner at an amazing downtown restaurant near the Burj Kalifa called La Serre, and I felt I was back in NYC or London. It was lively and gorgeous……again I was so happy! Geneva is nice, but it’s not a particularly lively city, and Dubai gave that back to me! I was super excited to wear this new BCBG dress (Find it Here) and I am obsessed. It’s loose, sexy, casual and classy……. I felt fabulous!

IMG_3543 IMG_3495 IMG_3515 IMG_3566 IMG_3552

Our last day the weather wasn’t great in the afternoon but I had sun in the morning, so I spent the day reading at the hotel and then enjoying the gym, when the weather turned. Our last night we went to a restaurant, 101, located in one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen, called The One and Only. It was spectacular and I can only hope to one day go back and stay there!!! Its on the edge of a frond……to see what i mean, here is what the Palm Jumeirah looks like from the sky-completely manmade and reaching into the sea…….and facing the Dubai Marina! Also, if you look on that Palm picture and see Atlantis in he back rising up…..we were staying next door!


The sandstorm had finally started to clear and we were able to glimpse the skyline of Dubai Marina. Isn’t it lovely?!?! The first picture is a view taken of the restaurant 101 that I borrowed, as it was too sandy to get that clear of a picture.







We were there during a sandstorm and the worst weather this city normally sees, but I still thought it was truly fantastic. I was afraid i would be inappropriate, speaking my mind too much, giving opinions too freely (as I can be a bit argumentative….oops) but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself, wide eyed and anxious to learn. Dubai is a city like none other, where people of all over are invited to come….. To see…. To stand in awe….. Perhaps to work a few years tax free…. And to learn a bit about themselves. It may be a bit materialistic, this city, but if you look further, you can glimpse the past melding into the future in a way that feels surreal! What an adventure I never thought I would have!!!

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