Valentine’s Lips and My Favorite Accessories!


Hello! Does anyone have any big plans for Valentine’s Day?? I know I did a post already, but I really love this Holiday, and wanted to do another showing my favorite lipstick colors to wear, as well as a few accessories and gift ideas. I even did a little video lipstick tutorial on creating the perfect red lip. I love Valentine’s because there are flowers and chocolate everywhere (who DOESN’T love that) and because it’s nice to have an incentive to go a little further into showing our loved ones how we feel. Yes, we should do it everyday, but I’m a romantic, and I like to be spoiled (even if I’m spoiling myself) and I LIKE it, dag gone it. 🙂


So, I don’t wear too much makeup, as you can see above where I’m wearing tinted moisturizer, blush and chapstick, but I LOVE lipstick, and I love bright, look at me lipstick. I have 5 different combinations to show you. I wanted to show you, and not be made up, so you could get the full effect, and will below.

First, a few of the other things I like are:

-Tulips. I don’t care if you are a cynic, buy your special lady flowers. 🙂 I also threw my engagement ring in because it is gorgeous and a great gift idea. :-)))


-Volusia candle in Lavender (perfect for a bath or romantic dinner or as a gift idea)…

-Tory Burch wallet perfect for a Valentine’s gift and great for the upcoming Spring…Buy it HERE

-Chloe stick perfume that fits right into your clutch for an extra sweet smelling pick me up…….

-Two clutch purses fit for different budgets.

Now, let’s get to the Lipsticks. I’ve applied each lipliner and lipstick for a picture and listed them below. For the first two, the lipsticks are different, but I’ve used the same liner.


Lipstick: Lancome L’absolu Rouge    Lip Liner: MAC Cherry


Lipstick: Givenchy 306 Carmin  Lip Liner: Mac Cherry


Lipstick: Mac -Full Fusia A44  Lip Liner: Mac –More to Love


Lipstick: Mac –Show Orchid  Lip Liner: Mac -Shock Value


This is the softest look……for those wary of bright colors……

Lipstick: Tarte –Charmed   Lip Liner: Mac –Shock Value Gloss: Chanel -56 Imaginaire

All makeup products can be found at Nordstrom!!!  I hope you enjoyed this post!!! Come back later today to catch my video tutorial and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!


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