Dressing for the Cold…Snow Day 2


Yesterday was full of snow, and we definitely made the most of it! I’m glad I was able to pull out my full ski gear for a few hours of romping around in Divonne. We decided to stay in the area as the roads were still bad and it was still snowing all day, so we took Jasper up to the chateau to play! I love going to the chateau b/c we typically have the place to ourselves and we can always get a hot chocolate inside if it gets too cold. I love that the hotel doesn’t mind us taking advantage of the stunning grounds.

I wanted to show my personal favorites this year for dressing in snowy weather (to play or ski) as well as show my new (other pair) of Moon Boots and ski pants. I didn’t want to buy a new jacket this year, so I went with pink to accent the white one I already owned. I love to dress my undergarments to match, so if I’m hanging around a resort after skiing, I’m still very put together. Here are my undergarment warm pieces along with my Lime Moon Boots that I am obsessed with as they are REALLY comfortable….I can’t believe how much padding and warmth there is…..and….I love the way they look together! I’m showing you before ski pants and after. I always tuck the most inside layer on top into my snow pants, and I’m quite pleased with this pink hoodie top! Top it off with a white head band, put your hair into some braids and the look is very chic!

IMG_2075 IMG_2077

Belwo, here we are arriving at the gorgeous chateau and even though the castle is located only a mile from my house, I always feel in awe as I enter. I can’t help feeling as though I’m stepping back into history and that I myself possess inside me a bit of romanticism and royalty. One of my favorite things that I often speak on is how much I love exploring Europe because it is so old and historic; I’m not sure how anyone can not get swept away in the magic. The real reward, however, is how casual and unpretentious the experience is using the grounds as our own personal playground and that they are so dog friendly!



It’s so darling how Jasper is transfixed by this snowball thrown in the air…….fast forward 5 seconds later and he really pounced it. He is such a tough boy!



What is a snow day without building a snowman? I actually haven’t built a snowman in probably, oh I don’t know….10 years? The snow was perfect for it and we had a blast. The only problem was keeping Jasper away….haha! Look how handsome that husband of mine is working!


Our snowman looked so fantastic……..IMG_2228


………..until Jasper took an arm for himself!!! What a silly dog…….but we are both obsessed with him and his outrageous antics. I suppose this is the life with people who haven’t had children yet! 🙂



The poor thing has such thick fluffy fur that every time he emerged out of the snow, he was covered in clumps that had formed and attached to his legs and chest! We were both laughing like crazy, and also feeling a bit bad for him. I must confess though, he doesn’t seem to mind. He is such a monster that nothing really bothers him……or tires him out!


I hope you enjoyed joining us for this day.  These moments make living so far from home, so much more manageable and enjoyable. There is still plenty of time to visit this winter to get in some amazing skiing in the Alps and Jura mountains……hint hint hint friends and family. 🙂

To see what I’m wearing, click below:

Moon Boot Tecnica

Ski Pants-Columbia

Under Shirt Hoodie-Odlo

Under Pants: Odlo Muscle Force

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