Snow Day Part 1!


Hey Everyone! It has been snowing here non-stop, and even as  I sit here writing, we have just over a foot and it is STILL coming down heavily. We had plans to go skiing today, but alas, it doesn’t look like we will be able to make it up the mountain, as visibility is low and the roads are completely covered! So……looks like we will be playing around here and I’ve been driving Dragan crazy all morning singing, “Do you wanna build a snowman…..”, although Jasper loves when I sing. I can tell. 🙂

The first night we were able to get some amazing shots and I’m so glad I took my red umbrella because it really makes the pictures pop with our cute little French town of Divonne Les Bains behind us. I played with the filters and love these pictures!


A little about our town. As I’ve stated before, the border is about a mile away and Geneva is roughly a 10 minute drive, as is Nyon. Divonne Les Bains is situated here between Lake Geneva and the Alps and the Jura Mountains. When I show a picture with the Chateau from my balcony, the mountains behind are the Jura, and from the other terrace are the Alps and Mont Blanc. Up the mountain from Divonne are a plethora of natural springs that were exploited in the 1800s and provided the spas for which the town became renowned. In fact, the gym I joined is known for the healing properties in the water and it is free flowing everywhere. One more fun fact. Here in France, if you have joint issues, bodily pain or high stress, the doctors often prescribe a few weeks treatments at the spa, paid for by the medical system. I know…….what???!!!!! Not too shabby.


Yesterday we took Jasper to his puppy training course and I wanted to show you some pics, because I’m so proud, he is so cute and I bought a new pair of snow boots that I wanted to show. They are Moon Boots, red and have fur lining on the top, so I’m not sure it gets any better than that. I haven’t ever had Moon Boots before, but they are SO comfortable. I actually bought a second pair yesterday because they were on sale (at Manor in Chavannes for those reading who live here in the Vaud vicinity) for 20 CHF from 139; you can’t beat that!!! I styled my hair in two braids, which is great for me as I wore my hair short for so long and always wanted to do that style. It’s also super easy and low maintenance.



Here is the link for the Moon Boots and tomorrow I will share with you my other look along with my new ski pants! To check out what I’m up to in between posts, follow me on Instagram!

Shop here:

Moon Boots

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