Is it Raining or Snowing on the Alps?


Good morning to all of my American friends. 🙂 It’s just after noon here and today is one of those rainy but freezing days where you just want to rain to become snow, as that would be much more pleasant. I can’t seem to motivate myself to go do much other than take Jasper out. I had hoped to ski today, but not in this……! ()My puppy, Jasper, loves this weather, but after I drag him back in from his walk, on days such as these, I immediately run inside…….put my warm winter socks on……throw on a sweater I stole from my dad, that is so engulfing and cozy and warm( that I wear it almost every day when home) and make myself yet another cup of coffee. Perhaps I should switch to tea…..:-)

Today I had one of those self doubt mornings where I knew I wanted to write, but wasn’t sure what to share. I think blogging can be a bit difficult, as in the beginning when you don’t know who is reading and you want to feel somewhat relevant, it can be easier to just throw in the towel and convince yourself no one is reading anyway. It would surely be easier to just follow other people and watch them begin to succeed, but I won’t. I love doing this. I hope to become better at it and find my niche, but I know I love to write and I love to share fashion, and I absolutely LOVE to write and share photos of travels. But, today…..a day where it is gloomy and grey……a day when my puppy woke me at 3am and again at 6am and then at 6am wouldn’t let me go back to sleep…..a day when I feel there isn’t much exciting happening here……it can be difficult to motivate myself to work, as this is basically my work at the moment.

It’s deceiving at times, these social media outlets, right? We read blogs and Facebook and look at photos on Instagram and everyone’s lives seem so perfect and fashionable and fancy…..or full of love and children and a wonderful handsome spouse who most certainly never annoys his wife and a perfect house that is never dirty. I guarantee THEY never fight or have problems…I guarantee THEY never are stressed or worried…

I think that sometimes we assume everyone’s life is shiny and sparkly 24 hours a day, and I know I’m guilty of people thinking that about my life as well, but I just want to say that I do have problems and heartache and disappointments and struggles (hello……I’m living in France), and I want to be open and honest about those things. I think transparency is the most beautiful thing in the world that is often kept so tightly in a box of self preservation that we miss out on sharing our stories….the real ones…..and we miss out on learning from others’ stories. So, I want to share it all, well for the most part, but not as a complaint, but because I want to be a part of a story and have passion for the things I pursue. I want to know YOUR passions and YOUR stories as well, because although life is not always shiny and sparkly, my attitude can be that way, right?

So, rather than feeling sorry for myself that I cannot ski today, I am sharing with you some photos of my first time skiing in Switzerland. We went to Villars, which is a small little mountain community in the French part of Switzerland that is littered with chalets ( also called Swiss chalet, is a wood house with a wide sloping roof with native to the Alpine region in Europe) and houses two of the most expensive schools in the world.


I went alone, which was frightening b/c they mark the levels differently and I found myself too often falling down a black, but it was so glorious. I can’t wait to go back out. We have some slopes right by us, but I’m hoping to do a villa further into the Alps in the next few weekends. The biggest difference I noticed from the States, was that each time when I exited the lift, there were massive groups of people standing there on the magnificently stunning mountaintop… SMOKING. I found it so funny.  SMOKING. All that crisp mountain air, and almost everyone was smoking. Other than that, it was pretty similar. Plenty of people spoke English and I had a glass of wine with a group of people from Britain on the top that I intruded awkwardly on, and then Dragan met me at the restaurant on the mountain for lunch. My ski outfit was all white, so I really blended in….but I just bought some rocking hot pink ski pants that I can’t wait to show you next time I go.

Have you skied the Alps? Do you have a favorite spot? Hope you enjoy the photos! My ski outfit is from The North Face.

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