Rompers @ Chateaus



Hey Everyone! One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe is a black, long sleeve romper from Ted Baker. I love it in summer with strappy heels, and I wanted to wear the look for winter.() So, this blog is all about showing you the first way of dressing a summer outfit like this Ted Baker romper up for winter.
I’m so lucky to have a breathtaking chateau here in the town where I reside. I often go up to read and have a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne on the terrace when it’s nice, and they are pet friendly so they don’t mind me taking Jasper up to run and run. 🙂 The inside is quite lovely as well, so I recommend if you visit Geneva or even live there…..come spend a Saturday night at the Chateau and then enjoy the fabulous Sunday market.
It’s so picturesque I could cry…..or write a novel……which I do! Well, I attempt the novel ……..and also, it’s the perfect location for a blog fashion shoot! Don’t you agree? I bought these fur boots in NYC and you will never guess the brand…..UGG! Ugg Foxley boots and they are great b/c the inside is lined with shearling….so you get warmth and comfort all in one! I threw over a little black fur vest as well as well as my favorite LV Chain Louise bag and my go to hat!





The wonderful thing about the area around the Chateau is that it has fantastic grounds, with pool overlooking the Alps, and this quaint and ancient little church. It’s the ideal place for holding a wedding! Can you tell what Jasper is hoping to snatch out of my hands?? Ha ha!




Let me know if you like the outfit! Tomorrow I will post on how I changed it up quickly in my CAR to make it an outfit for walking around and touring the city!

Thanks to Dragan for taking the pics and for Jasper for being so cute!


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