Winter Run


Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good start to your weeks……:-)  Last night we received a good deal of snow, and I awoke to a very beautiful postcard setting outside my window. I have my puppy waking me VERY early these days with a loud bark (which I’m not pleased about) so I was feeling pretty lethargic most of the morning, having woken up to feed, play with and walk the beast, until he was tired enough to relax.() There is nothing like a cold snowy day to encourage me to do absolutely nothing but drink coffee, read or write, shop online and cuddle up with my pup. So, I did that today until I was feeling a bit guilty about being so lazy (especially after having a lazy Sunday) and made myself go for a nice 4 mile run. I had a headache…….it was cold and windy……I felt tired……..and yet, making myself go out, brought me into such a better place. I love that.

For me, running is not only to keep my body sharp, but I’m someone who needs to do it. It makes my mind so clear and gets all of my bad energy out, so I hate going more than a few days without sweating. I love to listen to music when I run, and I’m much better when I do. Today, I started thinking about what I listen to, and I think it is funny that when at home or in my car or well…..pretty much anywhere other than a run, I tend to listen to softer music (think Missy Higgins radio) or anything I can sing along with, but when I run, I love harder music (think Linkin Park radio). I don’t like that music any other time and as soon as I’m finished pushing myself, I always switch. haha! Today I was so happy b/c on my radio station, I heard some great songs by Breaking Benjamin and Skillet that really made me push harder in my sprints and not stop when my body was crying out for me to give in. When I was finished, I walked around and was blessed with the sight of my surroundings. 2015/01/img_1749.jpg

I wanted to share this, because I know it can be hard to motivate oneself, especially in the cold winter, but it’s so refreshing when you do and you look around, breathe the crisp air, and know your body and mind are saying Thank you.

I hope you enjoy some of these pics! The one below I took to show the Swiss / French border where I live, and if you look closely, the border is by the building behind the van. I’m about half a mile from my house here….to give you scope of how we literally live on the edge of two countries. 🙂  I love the picture with the swans bent upside down in the water….fishing! So funny!






Bye everyone! Looking at these pictures, I’m inspired to go buy myself some new running shoes! 🙂 Let’s keep pounding pavements and exploring cobblestone roads, as we try to daily become the best versions of ourselves.

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