Je Suis Cozy


Hey everyone. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I just love Sundays as I’ve always viewed them as the most lazy day. In NYC, I always shopped or leisurely walked the city after church, and growing up, we always made Sunday a day for just relaxing with no agenda. As it’s winter, don’t we all just want to stay in a bit more…..cuddle up a bit closer…..and indulge in catching up on movies, shows and books? Well, I know I do!()


For my birthday, I was given the BEST robe and some new slippers that I think are so great and have been wanting to share. If you know me, you know I hate to be barefoot so slippers, or as Dragan refers to them, “Poupons” are a must for me. My absolute favorite place to buy my house shoes is J.Crew, and right now they are 30% off with an extra 40% off! I have the links at the bottom!

In the summer months, I love Victoria’s Secret silk robes, but my new winter robe is surprisingly from Pottery Barn, and wraps me up in warmth and fur. I am always so cozy sitting around in it, I have a hard time wanting to leave the house to brave the cold. I do, however love to sit in the cold, on my balcony, first thing in the morning, wrapped in my robe with a piping hot cup of coffee. I also love Monogrammed coffee mugs, and this is my current favorite!! This single action makes me feel close to my mom, as we both love waking early to enjoy our coffee outside and it’s something we’ve always shared together. Perhaps it’s because we always had dogs, so you get in the habit of going outside first thing in the morning and while there is nothing in this world to me like my parents’ porch, my views here of Switzerland and France are not too shabby.  I love to breathe deeply in the crisp air, speak to God, and have a moment of quiet, even if it’s only 1 minute before my puppy monster finds something he shouldn’t. 🙂

We woke up and had a super lazy morning, then got dressed up and had a photo shoot day with Jasper at the Chateau in Divonne (to come this week), went to Geneva to get Starbucks and within 30 minutes of being in Geneva, we decided it was cold and nothing sounded better than going back home, climbing back into our PJ’s, robes and slippers and lounging around. It was a beautiful day, so I felt a bit guilty, but it is really cold, and I want to learn to cherish these types of moments more.

Today, I wanted to share this with you….Stay Warm!





House Shoes (Slippers, Poupons): Click Here

Fur Robe: Click Here

Alphabet Mug: Click Here

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