The Double Coat in DC


I love Washington DC. I’ve actually visited there twice in 2014 and each time I go, I’m convinced I could live there. The first visit was with Dragan on a layover from Geneva to Columbus in July and this last visit was to spend 3 wonderful nights with my best friend from college, Christi-Anna, that I hadn’t seen for years, since she visited me in NYC. I love Christi-Anna because our lives have taken very different directions, but every time we see each other, we are college girls again…..laughing our heads off and talking so much we don’t actually get anything accomplished.  I hope she can visit me here b/c we are so loud, I just can already picture the looks we will get. Haha.()

We stayed at this lovely bed and breakfast in Dupont Circle called, The Embassy Circle Guesthouse, which I highly recommend. They provide amazing coffee and breakfast in the morning and a wine hour every evening with a large selection of wines and hors d’oeuvres that we really enjoyed. I love B&B’s b/c they pack in so much character and I always enjoy meeting other guests. We shared a really big room, The Pearl Gazvin, and I’m sure it would be very romantic if you were to go with a significant other. We took some really great shots showing off the Inn.

Check it out here:



So, one of my favorite things about Winter are coats. The thing I loathe though is layering UNDER my coat b/c everywhere you go is so hot inside. So, we decided to do double coats everywhere we went. I bought this grey coat in London last year as an overcoat and it fits so well over my Ted Baker red one, that this is my favorite combination. I always feel so put together. I bought the grey over coat 2 sizes too big for this specific purpose. Christi-Anna opted for the same look with a casual hoodie jacket under her J.Crew Peacoat. Love it! When I was in NYC, I splurged on this fur wrap that I’m obsessed with as I can wear it as a scarf OR a head wrap and I feel glamorous in both! It is definitely a statement maker and we modeled it both ways for you to check out! It was COLD COLD COLD in DC while we were there, so I’m thankful I had it!



Don’t you just love the streets in Dupont Circle below? We were an easy 10 minute walk into Georgetown as well!  This was the street we were staying on and I really love the architecture. Many of these houses, as well as the one in which we were staying, were previously embassy’s and they really have a colonial charm I appreciate.




As we were there in December, we walked into Georgetown each day to shop and enjoy the sights. The streets there are so magical at Christmas, and Georgetown feels to me like a village from a Christmas movie.  Everyone is walking around with coffees and hot chocolate and shopping bags, as the town moves at a pace reserved in my mind for a beach town, and I felt I was in a different time. I love it. Christi-Anna and I used to go here in college, so it was really interesting to go back together, 10 years later, and try to find places we had previously been…….with no luck whatsoever! In addition to walking around Georgetown, we spent a few freezing hours at the National Zoo, which I had never visited, and was surprised and delighted to discover you just walk in and through, as though walking through a quiet park. As I said, it was freezing, so there were hardly any people……just us…..out on a jog…..with our running partners a combination of lions, bears (the ones that don’t hibernate) monkeys, gorillas, and more. What a treat!

House in Georgetown:


If you find yourself in DC, and you enjoy Indian food, I highly recommend Rasika, which blew us away. Great food, incredible ambiance and an interesting selection of cocktails left us full and quite giggly. 🙂

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to see a friend that I wish I could see more. I’m grateful for my husband who encourages those trips as well as her husband who stepped up to take care of their 3 kids while so she could meet me. There is nothing like a girls’ trip to just be ridiculous.

Red Coat: Ted Baker Nevia Belt Coat

Grey Over Coat: Hobbs Brianna

Ivory PeaCoat: J.Crew

Purse: Louis Vuitton Palermo GM

Fur: Surrell Fox Fur Collar/ Headband

Thanks for reading…..
With Love
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