Throwing a Christmas Party

Hello! Are you loving the Christmas season as much as me? Im spoiled this year because i received my present, my puppy, early and have been enjoying every second. He is so so great. He goes with me to the mall if i need to run an errand….and rides in the car like a dream….and just hangs out while i decorate. Well……he can be naughty and i often find him chewing anything he can get his teeth in, but, he is just so stinking cute. (


As i type this, we are heading to Dragan’s brothers’ house in Bellegarde. His other brother flew in from Hong Kong with his wife and two girls, so we should have a blast!
Anyway, we had a party last weekend and i wanted to share it with you, as i was quite pleased with a few of the things i made.
When i was in the US, i bought some super cute wine faux fur covers and wraps so i had those set out. We always set red wine out on the table with glasses and have the champagne and white wine sitting in big bowls with ice! I LOVE these wine accessories.



For the menu, i made meatballs, goat cheese and pecan stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, shrimp, an olive wreath, plenty of cheese, hummus with chips and veggies and my grandmother’s cheeseball.
For a twist, i made the cheeseball into two shapes that resembled a pinecone, then I placed almonds thoughout and it really looked like two pinecones. I decorated it with some fresh rosemary and, voila, I recieved alot of compliments. I love this recipe for the cheesball as well…..its super easy.
2 pkg cream cheese
1/2 pkg beef, cut into small pieces
6 green onions, finely chopped
Garlic salt
Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Mix cream cheese, beef, and green onion in a bowl. Add garlic salt and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Form into a ball and top with almonds or pecans, chopped or whole.

For the olive wreath, i just arranged rosemary and bay leaves in a wreath and added olives and some stuffed peppers until it looked pretty. I think this is really festive, so easy, and makes for a great display for cheese.
There are more pics below of the food displayed, but for the brownies, i just baked as usual, cut out some circles….topped with white icing….topped with a strawberry….and finished with a dollip of more icing. LOVE!
When i throw parties, i always have everything prepared and the non heated food set out as well as the wine and such, but i never have the hot food cooked until everyone is arrived, bc i want it to be fresh. The meatballs i had simmering for an hour, so they were on the stove and the dates were fully prepared, ready to go in…..
Once everyone has arrived, i talk, drink champagne and start making the rest of the food. This way people also dont feel pressurized to walk in and eat, but when they do…the food is piping hot. Because i do this, i always wear cute aprons, and my favorite place to buy them is….can you guess…..Anthropologie!


I believe the key to hosting a great party is to have everything prepared in advance so there is no stress. When your guests arrive, you can still be cooking but in a non rushed or stressed, casual manner. It will make you seem very put together.
Well, we are pulling up in Bellegarde…..
Merry Christmas!!!!


Thanks for reading…..
With Love
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