Noel en Suisse…..en France.

Hello All! I have so many things I want to write about, but I’ve been distracted and busy with getting ready for the Holidays and taking care of our new puppy, Jasper. He is so stinking cute, if not a bit naughty. 🙂

As I have been working for the past few days to get our house “ready” for Christmas (Noel in French), I wanted to share a few of the differences. I will have to share more after I experience my first Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as I hear it’s quite different, but for now I will share the struggles (er….experiences ?) in decorating. :-)(


I brought my pre-lit tree from America in my move, so I set it up the other night with the plug converter and it was beautiful…….however, after about 3 hours, it blew the fuse. OOPS! I’m learning everything from the US contains more power than Europe, so I set off the next day with my new friend, Kate, and Jasper in search for a tree and some decor.

Jasper was a trooper and shopped the whole day with us being cuddled by everyone! The first thing I noticed was how different the real trees look. Alot of them are quite short…..roughly 5 ft……but I managed to find one that was probably 7 ft, with the top. The second thing I’ve noticed is that the are full on the bottom, and very very sparse on top. See?


I really wanted a flocked tree……but they were all only about 4 ft tall…….I don’t quite understand this trend, but I’m guessing people here put their trees on tables.

The next thing I needed was lights, and boy oh boy, did this get difficult! First, a small box of Christmas lights will run you about 25 dollars. Really. 1 box. The next thing is that they don’t come with connectors in the lights, so you cannot connect each box to another. What? So, I’ve had to buy 3 boxes of 10 Meters of lights, (which were 34.95 each) and connect each of them to the extension cord at the bottom and run them up individually up the tree. I’m really not sure why they make everything so difficult here, and Kate was shocked when I told her that in the USA the lights all plug together so you can run them up the tree! Isn’t that funny? She said, “Everything is so easy in America”, and I must agree. All that being said, I really felt accomplished when I managed to get all my lights and string my tree up!

I DID however enjoy the selection of real Christmas Ivy, and always love how fresh things are here. We found a blessing of a store called Botanic,, that had actually a very large selection of Christmas supplies and gorgeous poinsettias. I bought this which is real pine that they flocked, and attached fresh ivy and made a centerpiece.

Then we found a store that had a huge selection of wrapping paper……and by huge, I mean they had more than 10 different colors. Lol. I believe I had a selection of maybe 13 different papers, which seemed a luxury. 🙂

All that being said, I found some really beautiful things, and although I can’t quite figure out how to decorate this real tree to my liking (i’ve had lovely perfectly shaped faux trees for too long), I think it is coming together.

And I’m LOVING my flocked garland, which I added fresh Ivy and light to make it sparkle. Here I am showing the process.



And now I must say my goodbyes, as Jasper keeps trying to eat my laptop as I work……C’est la vie!


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