Getting into The Christmas Spirit


I love Christmas! I love everything about it, but mostly I love the experiences my parents have given me over the years of establishing traditions that I hope to continue on in my own home! I hope to tell you some of those as we get closer to the season…….but on this post, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things that I do!(


For those who know me and follow my blog, know that I’m a big fan of all things beautiful. And I don’t mean just beautiful on the outside…..:-)……but for this post I want to share my love of all things beautiful and glittery! My mom allowed me to come in last Christmas and decorate her house, and I had so much fun! You can see the trees below. I kept seeing pictures of the ribbon that is on the tree below and couldn’t wait to try it! This year, we did a different tree in this room, which I will show you further on the post, but I love the way these had turned out. This was close to Christmas as I had put alot of presents out that had been sent to my parents and my grandma. I’m a little naughty b/c I get in presents that people send, and sometimes I re-wrap them!! Or I at least put on bows and decorate them. Wrapping presents and decorating them, with a glass of wine and a Christmas movie on the TV or Music on, is on of my favorite things to do. I’m so fanatical that come Christmas morning, I almost cringe when they are opened!!!! It’s ridiculous!!!! I also love to wrap some presents in a theme and place them around different trees in the house which I have below.

Here in some of these pictures I’m with Dragan and it was fun to see him experience his first American Christmas, and I’m excited to spend my first in France this year!





Stripe themed presents to go along with this dining room tree!



To compliment this tree, I stayed with wrapping that was in the same colors, and went with the houses and churches my mom puts out under the tree!


Below my Mom’s family room tree this year before it was fully completed, and with her new furniture, it is perfect. 🙂


Below is me with my friend, Morgan, shopping at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. I really enjoyed being able to see all my friends in the USA this time and to have some Holiday shopping time!


Merry Christmas and I would love to see if you like the themes and if you have your favorite decorations you want to share. 🙂

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