What can you buy in Dallas for $400K?!?!

I love real estate. If I have free time, I always choose to spend it perusing design and real estate magazines. () How fitting I chose to go into the field for my career, as the only thing better than flipping through magazines is walking people through interesting homes and helping them find their perfect one! We are in Frisco at the moment for Thanksgiving, and spending some our free time walking through new development homes, and I wanted to show you…..
This home is amazing at just under 4000 square feet, there are 3 Bedrooms, 2 full baths and a movie theatre room upstairs, which I did not feature due to time. Compared to NYC and Geneva, Switzerland, where we live, this is crazy!!! I love this home. Let me know your thoughts!

This is a video to watch and see what can be bought in Dallas for $400k!
Thanks for watching. 🙂

Thanks for reading…..
With Love
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