Frolicking in France



Today was my last day in France for a bit. I just love walking around our Lake during the Autumn season, with the leaves falling and the air crisp, I find a new pep to my step. What is it about this time of the year that makes one feel alive?? I’m all dressed in my favorite outfits for fall and traveling as we are heading out later this evening to the airport to travel.
We are flying to London to spend time with our friends at their country home in Ashford in Kent. I cannot wait to go, as I absolutely love the English countryside. It evokes Literature and long walks and romance to me. There is nothing like it. I can’t wait to a full post later this weekend to show you what it’s like. After London, I’ll be flying to the USA for 5 Weeks!



I just absolutely am obsessed with this coat as it’s classy and works great as a fashion piece on its own!!!




When traveling, don’t we all want to be comfortable but fashionable? I know I’m always studying people at the airport. I love to see the different styles ranging from sweats to full 5 inch heels! I personally don’t ever wear heels in airports…….too much walking…….but in the colder months, I love to travel in super comfy leggings with a baggy sweater. In order to make it a bit more fashionable, I will add a scarf or a necklace as I have today. The clip from Anthropogie (don’t they have the greatest accessories?) adds just even a bit more glamour. Simplified glamour.



See you later fellow travelers of style and the world. Take a walk today. Breathe deeply and exhale.


Sweater (Jumper to the Brits): Zara          Leggings: Zara          Boots: Stuart Weitzman          Pearl Necklace: J.Crew                    Clip:  Anthropoligie          Coat:  King Louie in Amsterdam

Thanks for reading…..
With Love
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