More Metallics, and Meeting Friends


Hello There! When you move to a foreign country, with a foreign language, it becomes crucial to learn to take advantage of coming across an English speaker and turn that chance meeting into a second date! (

) I find my ears have become razor sharp to any couple or group of girls choosing to speak in my native language. It’s awkward! I feel the moment I hear English, I just go rigid, and then speak some confidence into my brain, and charge in to the conversation or introduce myself. I often then make a silly joke about how awkward I am, thus engaging and immediately try to wedge myself in.
Is this weird???

After about 5 minutes of polite conversation, comes the even more awkward part. Asking for the phone number. Suddenly I feel what it must be like for a guy to gather the courage to ask for a girls number. I find myself smiling embarrassingly as I mutter…..”so….ummm…this may be weird b/c I just met you and it’s–Starbucks or the side of the road, etc–but…ummm…can I get your number?” Then I may say, “Maybe we can get together for a coffee and talk about how hard life is here…..hahaha (charming awkward laughter)….if you want”. Here I hope they realize I’m not a loser and that they are hopefully having as hard a time as me meeting new friends. Cool girls with Great English b/c although it’s great to be exposed to the new culture, sometimes you just want to speak quickly and in your own language.

Anyhoo….I met a girl Sunday night. She’s from South Africa and we met causally and awkwardly on the side of the street while both with our husbands. After the dance of, “oh no. I don’t want them to walk away…..I need a friend!” I asked for her number and then, after the appropriate 24 hours, I texted and today meet!!! Isn’t this just ridiculous? It’s necessary when you move somewhere new though and I think it builds character. So, I though, what do I WEAR to a first date with a potential new friend. And, as I’m on a metallic binge, I paired these gold loafers with jeans, a great little button down, blazer and pearls. Here to a great first date. 🙂 NO heels on a first girl date, b/c we all know they are uncomfortable and you want to appear cool and laidback. You want to be cool and laidback. Save the heels for the 2nd girl date and get dressy for an evening cocktail.



Jeans: J.Crew          Navy Popover Blouse: J.Crew          Blazer: Massimo Dutti

Shoes: Bass & Co          Lipstick: MAC          Necklace: J.Crew Cream and gold

One thought on “More Metallics, and Meeting Friends

  • Sarah! Great post. You should check out the book “MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search For A New Best Friend”. I think you’d like it. It’s about a newlywed who moved away from all her girlfriends and she’s trying to “replace” them. You have the added twist of a foreign language 🙂


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