A new Step

This weekend was rather exciting for us as we drove Sunday 4 hours into the middle of France to…………!

Meet and reserve our new puppy! For those who know me, know that I lost my girl Bailey July 29th and that broke my heart. I posted a letter to her in my blog that I went back and read this morning before I could write this.  I wanted to wait until I felt more ready, but as I still can’t work here, we decided it was time. Not wanting to have another small dog, as Bailey needs to have that place in my heart, we decided we wanted a Golden Retriever. We went to the breeders’ house and the puppies are only 13 days, so we have reserved a boy, but will pick him out when he’s just a bit older. As I’m going to the US for over a month, this is perfect, as we will get him at the beginning of December. I’m very excited, and although a part of me feels a sense of sadness for moving ahead, I believe it is the right thing to do! I will continue posting on this new adventure and I look forward to sharing our little boy. We were told we have to name our dog with the letter J. Isn’t that bizarre? Something about French law and tradition as it coincides with the year 2014, and although my natural tendency is to rebel against anyone telling me what to do, I think we will try to respect that in honor of our time living here in France. Here are the babies. We did not get to meet the mother as she is with her pups, but here is a pic of the papa! Do you have a Golden? Would love to hear!

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 11.18.53 AM Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 11.19.55 AM

For the weekend, I wanted to show 2 different ways to wear a summer maxi skirt in Fall. I love both looks.
For Saturday, as it warmed up, I paired it with a cropped top and a pair of light blue loafers and accessorized it with my favorite Spartina bag. I LOVE Spartina bags and always buy mine in Portsmouth, Ohio from Hatti Beasley’s as I get to enjoy a great cup of coffee as I shop. For those living around Portsmouth, try it out!



For Sunday, it was sunny but chilly, so I paired the same skirt with a Navy capped sleeve cardigan sweater over a J.Crew Keeper chambray shirt with hot pink J.Crew flats and my favorite fall hat! If it were a bit colder, some ankle boots in a chestnut color would work perfect as well.




Funny story…..

While driving to the middle of the French countryside, we stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom and grab a drink. As I went into the toilet, I realized, to my utter horror, that there was no toilet. There was simply a roll of paper on the wall and a HOLE in the floor. Again,  a HOLE. I ran out to tell Dragan there was something wrong, and he laughed at me stating this was something of a turkish toilet. OMG. I suppose we all have to experience new things, but this was one that I did not like! I mean, I’m in France…….lol….a westernized civilization……it is not what I was expecting! On a more positive note, the countryside is glorious as there are castles scattered throughout the drive and the change of scenery from leaving the Alps, where we live, into the flat ground with is refreshing.  🙂 We stopped only a few times, as we were driving 8 hours, but found a wonderful old church and some romantic roads. Perfect fall day.


image image

I’m excited for this new adventure and I look forward to sharing it with you!


Maxi Skirt: J.Crew           Keeper chambray shirt: J.Crew          Flats in hot pink: J.Crew          Navy Cardigan: Soaked in Luxury

Cropped Turtleneck: Whispers London          Blue Loafers: Bass Co.         

Bag: Spartina

5 thoughts on “A new Step

  • Your baby boy is precious, but one small problem! He looks just exactly like his brothers and sisters, and I could not find him! 😉
    I was wondering where your hat was…it looks fabulous with your attire!

    Love your blog,
    Aunt Debbie


  • You will love your golden. And it is a wise choice to use his J name. When in Rome..
    Toilets: we have used many all over the world. Having TP is a blessing! (I always carry some because in our travels one never knows).
    You are getting so many wonderful experiences. Dragan is quite a gift! (-; love, aunt Dona


  • Love the puppies, and we, are so excited for you both! You are such a wonderful doggy mum, that you need to share that love again. 💜


  • Beautiful puppies! Congratulations on your new family member! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and your great adventures!


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