Friday Faves

Happy Friday to everyone out there! Living so far from “home” can be difficult, and I speak alot about the difficulty of adjusting overseas. Somedays you just want to curl in a ball and read or binge on your favorite show downloaded from the internet in English. Some days I do that, but it’s better to go out. Today has been great as I spoke on the phone in length to my Mom, my sister, and my best college friend, Christi-Anna. These conversations mean so much to me! Yesterday, however,  I was feeling super homesick, so I went into Geneva to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte (IS there anything better for homesickness) and do some shopping!
Yes! This brightened my mood and I was wonderfully surprised that they already have Christmas out! Yay!!!

On my last post, I discussed some of my new fall favorites so I wanted to show the look in person, captured in front of a beautiful scenery. I was a bit lazy with my hair so on days like that, I find it’s best to throw some lipstick on! The pics are taken in downtown Geneva, which is just perfect this time of year…….it’s quiet and everyone always seems like they have nowhere to go in particular!



I wasn’t sure I should pair this scarf but I’m glad I did, as I think it pulls it together! The scarf is from J.Crew and this amazing Jacket sweater is from Esprit. I love the hood! Also I love how thick it is as it really keeps your warm. Pieces like this are my favorite item as I like to dress simply……..I like things that are comfortable and classy.


And it even looks better paired with this LV purse! I love this purse as their leather just gets better and better with time.

Walking around I saw an amazing display I loved for Christmas…..can this mirror be any more perfect? I also loved their displays and really think I’ll do a white, gold and silver tree this year. Its so classy! Also, I love this table setting…….Perfect for a dinner party at the holidays! I really want gold silverware. Goldware??


wpid-imag1225.jpg wpid-imag1226.jpg

The over the knee boot is really in this season, and I think that look will be next on my list! I’ll keep you posted. Have you tried any?

Also, I’m loving these Alexander Wang heels. Now I just need an event……..I guess that goes against my “comfortable” theory, but that can always be sacrificed for good heels!
Dragan always says, “You spend half your life in laying down and the other half walking……so invest in a good bed and good shoes”. But, I’m not sure he appreciates how MUCH I love shoes or would take that to heart. 🙂
I hope you have a wonderful day! We are doing something very exciting this weekend locally that I can’t wait to tell!

I would love your thoughts and inspirations as well and hope you have a relaxing end to your week!!

Much Love,


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