First Dr’s Appointment……

Well, today I finally had my first appointment with an OB/GYN. I’m so grateful b/c I found an American. Not that I wouldn’t trust a Swiss or French Dr, but with these types of matters, I wanted to have a little comfort and familiarity. I’m really happy I found her b/c she was amazing and even referred me to an English speaking church and gave me a number to another American girl who is from Ohio who may be able to get me involved in some volunteer work until I can perhaps start working. Whoop!!!
It’s the little blessings!
I thought you may be interested to know some of the differences though as, I did, as always, make myself look like an idiot at first.

I went in to the Office building, which is very similar to an Dr office building in the US. You know, in the US, when you go in, you usually go to the Dr you are there to see, and upon entering their office, there is a reception for that specific office, etc???

I assumed the same here. Amateur. Dragan took me b/c he is overprotective but I insisted I go in alone, as I AM an adult. sigh. 🙂 As I walked in, there was a reception desk, but as it’s not a hospital, I walked past, found the office of the Dr I was seeing and barged in, with a loud “hello” thinking there would be a waiting room and reception desk. Wrong. The Dr was in the middle of a consultation and politely told me to go sign in upstairs and wait outside. Sigh. I was so embarrassed and I took a moment after shutting the door to hang my head in humiliation. Then I went upstairs and the receptionist was speaking to me very quickly in French for my ID card and insurance card, to which Dragan came to my rescue, which upsets me a bit but only b/c I’m proud and want to do things for myself. Luckily, when I met back with the Dr, I apologized and explained I’m a bit of an idiot here……she laughed and said she had been the same…….and it all worked out.

These experiences are humbling and I’m fortunate to have a personality not easily affected by my embarrassments, but still, I long for the day when I can be a master of the basic things in life once again!!!!
Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 12.16.05 PM
Now, we are off to Amsterdam today for our Anniversary, and I will be sure to write about it. I’m quite excited to see that city!!!

One thought on “First Dr’s Appointment……

  • You are just too funny!! I would let Dragan take care of everything but you are your Daddy!!! Grateful that God is providing you new contacts. Anxiously waiting the anniversary blog from Amsterdam!


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