A Swiss Summer’s Day in Fall..Farmers Markets… and FOOD

Hello All. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a video at the bottom of this post if you don’t like READING. ๐Ÿ™‚ Greetings from our little town.
photo 1
Today has been just a spectacular day here in Switzerland. It was sunny and 75 and a perfect day for walking, getting gelato and going to the Farmer’s Market. An interesting aspect to living here is that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is closed on Sundays. This is quite wonderful but can also be a little frustrating as I’ve always loved shopping on Sundays. Living in NYC, Sundays were often my busiest day for showing clients homes and usually I would reward myself with pampering and shopping after…….sigh….I DO miss that. Especially since a pedicure is over 100 here and most places don’t put your feet in water and, well, you can just FORGET about that foot massage…..

I digress….()

So, it’s quite liberating actually not to be able to do anything on Sundays but enjoy life. Today we woke up slowly and watched a movie with coffee and fresh Almond croissants. Please come visit me sometime if only for the croissants. They are why my body is not as tight as it once was, but I know that can come back…..and….when in Rome. I even have a pic of me ravishing one a few months back!
photo 2
photo 3
Anyway, it turned out to be a really warm Summer’s Day, insisting that laziness be put aside so that life could be enjoyed and explored outside. On Sunday’s, there is an AMAZING Farmer’s Market here in the little French town where which we reside; Divonne Les Bains, France. Originally constructed as a therapeutic bath town, it is gorgeous with water and canals running through. I should explain that it’s confusing and rather difficult for me living here as the Swiss border is literally 1 mile away from my house. So, this means that just 1 measly mile away lies another country with it’s own currency, country code, politics, etc. In my town, the currency is Euros…..but just 1 mile away, the currency is the Swiss Franc. As if adjusting to life abroad couldn’t get any more difficult, I have to think in terms of conversion constantly. “Now, if I buy this dress, it’s on 100 Euros, but that is really 140 Francs and 160 Dollars….Dang!” Don’t hold me to those calculations, btw. ha! This also means when I go to Chavanne Center, my little favorite mall, which is 3 miles away, my phone stops working and I need to take another currency. lol. It’s mind boggling for this American girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yet, again, though, sigh… I digress….

The market here is incredible with fresh fruit and vegetables galore, fresh fish and oysters and poultry and meat and omg, a cheese, olive and bread selection to die for. It’s fun and chaotic to walk through and is exactly as I would picture from a french farmer’s market…..with the cheery french baker singing loudly and everyone running into eachother…..with people sitting right smack in the middle smoking cigarettes, yuck!, and drinking wine or champagne, yum!, and just enjoying doing nothing. Something that is still so difficult for me! The food is so fresh here and often you will find your chickens will still have claws and feathers and beaks! This is just too much for me. lol. I would like to appreciate this freshness of the chickens so fresh they still have claws to the point of buying it, taking it home, and preparing it myself, but alas, I will not. Most of these pictures were not from today, but give you an idea of the glory. ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 1photo 4
photo 3photo 5photo 2

After we headed into Nyon. Nyon is about 10 miles from us, located on Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) in Switerland, and this is where Dragan works at the UEFA Headquarters. Full of cafes, boutiques and a CASTLE, I just love this little town on the water and have a short video to share to show you a little small piece of it’s loveliness. This is a great view from Nyon Castle and one also with my dad when he was here last year. Next is my video from today, which I’m excited to share but also slightly embarrassed so I hope you enjoy.
photo 2

photo 1

I’m grateful today that we had a day to do just a lot of nothing in particular with great food, beautiful scenery and spectacular weather. I’m grateful that this blog allows me to share my life so far away from those I love and miss, WITH those I love and miss.

2 thoughts on “A Swiss Summer’s Day in Fall..Farmers Markets… and FOOD

    • Thank you Kim ! You were such a motivational person in me starting to write again. Thanks for your encouragement when I ran into you a few mings ago! Hope to see you again soon.


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