Looking into the Past…..Great Fosters

Dragan and I just recently took a trip to London, as he had some work meetings. We decided to add on and spend a little time in the English Countryside. This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. I’ve always loved English literature. I have invested many hours of my life involved in the worlds of Jane Austen…..Charles Dickens…..The Bronte Sisters…..Shakespeare…..Kate Morton…..Henry James……Philippa Gregory…..Harry Potter……dreaming of the day I would walk the grounds and see the places that have held my imagination.
So, while i would still love to visit more of England, I investigated historic hotels to make my imagination come to life….and boy did I succeed with the discovery of Great Fosters!

photo 1

Upon driving up to the hotel grounds, I felt transported back in time. The gardens are immaculate and the house is an old, gorgeous, haunting, looming brick structure that you cannot help but feel the brevity of time in all of our lives. I hope this isn’t deep, but the age of places here in Europe make me feel a certain awareness I haven’t noticed in the USA. When you walk the halls of a house that was built in the 1500’s and you see drawings that were made of previous tennants in time past….you become aware of your own life a bit. Needlesss to stay that I miss my family in these moments and I hope to share more of these experiences with them.

photo 2

All that aside…the luxury in the resort mimics nothing of the past. While the fireplaces are stated to be original-as is the MOAT-the upgrades are impeccable, without taking away from any of the historical significance. The grounds consists of over 55 acres of perfect manicures lawns and gardens, a pool with the bathhouse wood changing rooms that were built in the 20’s, tennis court, Croquet, high tea sitting areas and two restaurants! No, I’m not being paid for this, but I wanted to recommend the place to all my friends or “readers” to check out!

photo 3

As someone whose passport was expired when I met Dragan, these past few months have been nothing but magical as I’ve been able to see places I never really expected to see. This place has just been the icing on the cake and I hope to go back again and again.

photo 4

Feel free to check out the hotel at http://www.greatfosters.co.uk

I am already missing my afternoons spent drinking tea and Pimms (to all those who don’t know, this is a lovely and light afternoon drink similar to sangria mixed with a mojito) and eating scones with clotted cream and jam. How I spent 31 years of my life not knowing what clotted cream and jam on scones was…..I will never know! 🙂 I’m glad I know now!!!!

photo 5

Have a great day to anyone reading this!

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