I’ve started taking This home from Dragan’s cool bachelor pad to our home! First step was a proper table. I love that we found one where the top matches out island but the base brings in more of the rustic feel I love. Rustic meets modern. And the chairs are super great bc they will match my Barcelona chairs when they arrive and the metallic studs will match the ones on my couch! Plus I think it is feminine and masculine at the moments which is what you need when making a home for a man and a woman, right? Also I’m doing a little Christmas decor but as we are going to the states for the holidays, I didn’t want to do too much. Well, ACTUALLY I did, bc I’m a proper Christmas fanatic…….but……..reality starts somewhere!!
I was a bit amused when it came in a few separate pieces and the delivery men had no tools in them to out it together. I mean, that’s not expected when buying a proper piece of furniture right? But, as I can’t communicate, I just stand there and smile.
Ummm…….actually I stood there with a very displeased look on my face. Lol. But I’m TRYING to lower my service expectations!!!! I really really am. 😡😡

I’m tiptoeing around with the chairs bc my below stairs neighbor continues her complaints. The other day she came over at 2pm and complained about me playing music in the house and upon seeing me in tennis shoes……she shows me her house shoes (slippers) and informed me with excessive gesturing that this is what I must wear in my house.
I’m in my head saying, “lady! Get a life or a job for Goodness sake!”, but instead I smile and say, désolé madame, je SUIS désolé!!!!!”. Actually I didn’t even raise my voice on the second one……bc I’m being good. :-))) you just have to laugh.

Anyway…..What do you think?






One thought on “Tables

  • Absolutely beautiful. And what a gorgeous home. I would show K your photos but I fear he would take one look at that amazing kitchen and hop on a plane to cook something!


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