Pumpkin Mania


As you can tell by the picture, it’s looking and feeling quite cold here. This is a shot over Divonne les Bains and the lovely Chateau de Divonne. For anyone who follows my Facebook, I’ve been baking a lot, and there is no better thing to do on a cold rainy day that just that. As its my birthday this weekend (I canNOT believe this) I wanted to take something in with champagne to my French class. That is right folks……..we have champagne here in class………it is FABULOUS. :-)) 

Also, tonight I went to a Brazilian Dance class tonight. Taught in French. Awesome. lol. I am definitely engrossed in the world of trying new things at the moment. It was pretty cool. There was a live band playing with us and a ton of drums…….I had to wear ear plugs….and as I couldn’t understand anything being said around me, I’m pretty sure I looked like an idiot. I was with my new cousin though (Dragan’s cousin Mirjana who is awesome and teaches French for a living) who gave me a sense of comfort. In the middle of the class (an AEROBICS class, keep in mind) we took a break and a man came around with chocolates for everyone. I almost died. Only in France or Switzerland. And then there was wine afterward. It’s so funny.

Back to baking. As I have a pretty open schedule and am supposed to be relaxing into this new adventure and as I absolutely love to bake, I bake. Baking is good for my soul albeit not great for my waistline. It brings me back to something simple within myself and it calms me. Often in NYC I would bake after my most stressful days just to unwind. Dragan is that way with cooking. He will work a 10 hour day and he really enjoys coming home to cook. Lately we have been doing a ton of cooking together, which I love. Anyway…..gosh, I am distractible.  decided I wanted to make cupcakes. So around 1pm I wandered down to the kitchen store in Divonne. Upon arriving, I realized, like every other retail store in Divonne, they close between the hours of 12-2pm. RETAIL! Sigh. Isn’t that funny? Anyway, when I went back down after 2, I found not only a cupcake pan, but measuring cups and tablespoon/teaspoon measuring spoons!! I think I yelped. The lady working gave me an odd startled glance, but I think I’m becoming used to getting odd looks here!! I’m loud and overly enthusiastic about anything European or Christmas or Magical. I have been doing all of my baking thus far by guessing the measuring. 🙂 These cups are the best b/c the also show the metric calculation!! Sometimes life is just so sweet. Right when you need it. 

So, I baked Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. So so good!!! I’ll post the recipe here after and ALSO, I would love recipes if anyone has favorites!

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