Hair dyers…..

Anyone else, when visiting Europe, (well, at least France and Switzerland) notice how the hair dryers offered in public spaces (ie, a spa or hotelor gym)  have a button on the back of the hair dyer that must be pushed at ALL times when drying your hair?!?!?!
Talk about hand cramping…….golly! I really don’t understand this at all.

I’m at my spa getting a pedicure. This is hard for me to swallow as I must make an appointment in advance and it’s roughly 100 francs. In NYC, I could walk in at any time and get a pedicure for 30 bucks……..I guess I’m spoiled. Service in America, especially NYC, spoils a person for sure. Adjust Sarah………adjust Sarah……adjust Sarah…….
They also don’t soak your feet, which is very strange, right? She is putting on a scrub and then takes it off with a washcloth and I am laying down in a bed. It’s not bad, just very different. Lol.
I love this spa though.

La reserve in Geneva. Check it out for sure if you are ever visiting. I believe the CEO of Cartier is also a member, which will be great if I start selling real estate. Lol…….as if I would probably speak with him. I hang out here a lot……..but people don’t really SPEAK to each other. I believe this can be changed.

It’s a rough life, and I better not get used to all this pampering bc I need to get to work! It helps with the homesickness though……….right!???? Right, Dragan?? ;-))


3 thoughts on “Hair dyers…..

  • So my dear, nooooow you know why I am in NYC now. Europe is like an survival adventure and service it is ok for 100 F. If you pay less you won’t be really happy about the service. But Genf is really really expensive. You should try to find another one at the countryside of Genf. Much cheaper and maybe more personell. But you are now in an Asterix and Obelix movie for real. 😉
    Enjoy as much as possible!
    xox and huge hugs


  • Just want to explain the hair dryer button… it’s like that because Europeans want to save energy! Energy isn’t unlimited like many people in the US are thinking… 😉 – Okay, that may be the reason why I have pretty short hair… 😉 In the USA there would be just a new rule for that: “Never use the haired dryer after your hair is dry, because that doesn’t make sense!”… 😉 😉


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