This is a great soup I made last night with tons of fresh vegetables!
It’s super easy as I was able to make it despite not understanding the metric system or how to measure my ingredients!
Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Squash, Zuccini, Red beans, Chickpeas, Spinach or Kale, Canned tomatoes, corn, water, Spices and chicken stock……yes ; you call it “bouillon de poulet” here. :-))
Soooooooo good and great for the fall season!

4 thoughts on “Soup!

  • This soup reminded me what the French call Ratatouille. It looks like… Our mother in law used to cook a delicious Ratatouille and I took notes one day when she was cooking it. As soon as I find this paper where I wrote down the recipe (in Portuguese of course) I will translate it and send to your email. It is something not so difficult, you have only to follow an order to cook the ingredients (only vegetables) and Dragan will love it, for sure! You can eat with rice / pasta or do a quiche/pie with! You can cook and put in the freezer for those days when you are not in a mood to cook! 😉


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