I was quite blessed in receiving a brand new washer and dryer from some of Dragan’s family for my wedding! I have not had an in-unit washer and dryer where I live in over 4 years……….so this is like Heaven to me!!!

That being said, today was my first day back from my Honeymoon (I would like to insert a giant SIGH here) and I decided to be a good little “homemaker” and do some laundry. Having done a few loads and figured out the most basic parts of my machines (as the instructions and everything are only in French-another SIGH), I realized I wanted some fabric softener.

I ran myself down to the grocery store and spent, I kid you not, 15 Minutes smelling the fabric softeners and hoping I was buying the correct things as It is all, obviously, in French. I go home, satisfied, and begin pouring the liquid into what I hope is the right part of the machine. It is then, when the liquid begins making bubbles, which I find odd, that I examine the bottle more closely……..only to discover that there are pics of cups and plates. How WEIRD I think and THEN and only THEN after a few minutes do I realize I started my laundry machine with dishsoap rather than fabric softener. Mon Dieu! 


I mean…….REALLY??

Too embarrassed to do a return, and also realizing that I don’t know HOW to ask for a return, I look on the bright side! At least I don’t have to buy anymore dish soap for a bit. :-))

The most ridiculous part is that upon marching myself back down to the store and to the “Laundry aisle” (side note: I mean, why is the dish soap next to detergent anyway!!) I find on the OTHER side, pretty pink and purple bottles with pictures of bears cuddled up in blankets. Ah! Why, of course!

Another 10 minutes of smelling later………….I feel ready to tackle my Lave-Linge and Seche Linge. 

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