Noisy American…

I think I knew, upon moving to France, that I would be considered “loud”. I say this because I am considered “somewhat” “loud” in America and the French are quiet. I was not expecting, however, what happened last night. After arriving home at 9pm (which i don’t consider TOO late…….but I digress…) we had our downstairs neighbors actually call our apartment phone after banging on their ceiling repeatedly. Not being able to understand anything that was being said, I had to smile as Dragan started arguing into the phone. He then hangs up and goes into the hall, where the downstairs neighbors are waiting outside the door and an even bigger argument ensues!! Mon Dieu! After arriving back inside, Dragan informs me that our neighbors think we are arriving home too LATE each night and that for the past week they think I walk too loud and speak too loud! I was just thinking how this scenario would go down in NYC. Haha!! It was a bit upsetting as I have been making a somewhat conscience effort to speak more quietly and not in the halls, and because I am used to apartment living and always respect my neighbors, but come ON! I told Dragan he ought to warn them that all of next week, we will have a slew of Americans in our home celebrating and enjoying ourselves. The funny part was his response when they told him that previously he had always been so respectful of noise. He replied, “Yes, Madam, but now I am getting MARRIED”. huh?

On another note, I cannot continue to exclaim my absolute love of Cheese!!! J’adore le Fromage!!! I always knew I loved it, but it’s so much creamier and more delicate and delicious here, I absolutely cannot get enough. Which, leads me to my biggest stress and problem of the hour. Having always been a woman of extreme discipline regarding my health and my figure (ummm…..eek?), now, at 1 week until I must fit into a wedding dress, I find myself still, not only indulging, but savoring and enjoying every bit of fresh bread, cheese, chocolate, champagne, wine, and amazing food in general that I see here! It is as though my eyes have been opened and my heart is soaring!!! GLUTTONY. That is right before my heart falls again in dismay when realizing I should NOT be indulging at this moment when it is imperative I look good! Oh well!

As my blog is titled Peanut Butter et Fromage ( this is to symbolize my obsession with PB, which is not respected or understood here, with my obsession of cheese, which, obviously is obsessed over here), I even combined the two on my morning breakfast. Peanut Butter with Ricotta on top with a bit of Strawberry Preserves! mmmm mmmm mmmm.

I can’t believe I’m getting married in 10 days. Today we went to the town hall in Divonne and they had posted our announcement. This gives the town 10 days to step forward if there is someone who wants to contest it! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Let’s hope we survive the next 10 days.

As far as French goes, I’m about to have a lesson here at my house. I shopped all day yesterday and really tried my best. I had a lady say, “ca va?” (How are you?) to which, and I actually DO know better, I responded nervously, “et toi” (and you?) rather than tres bein (very well). Really, that’s not a big deal, except that I was so mortified in my lack of perfection that I literally ran away!! haha! It’s as though I have lost my confidence. Normally shopping is a super social / enjoyable thing for me but NOT yesterday! I’m gesticulating like a monkey, trying to get them to understand SPANX (which I need for my dress after so much formage) and, although I know it’s worse in my mind, I feel like an idiot. This is my challenge though and Dragan keeps trying to tell me to calm down and remember that I’ve just moved and I’m planning a wedding, all in a foreign land, all in less than 2 Months. This explains my stress. I think I was taking crazy pills when I decided on October and I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to having my family start arriving.

Anyway, that’s IT for me for now.

Au Revoir to the people in my life who take a bit of time to read this………

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