Out of My Comfort Zone

As with all new things, the first step, word, thought or anything propelling us into something unfamiliar, is always the most difficult, and this first blog post is no different.

I should say the same thing regarding my first few days living here in France. I do not YET (I say with somewhat wavering confidence) speak the language, and while people put an effort into talking with me in English, I am finding it challenging to communicate in the fast and frantic method to which I am accustomed. 🙂 That being said, learning a new language, especially when already living in the country whose language you need to speak, is an incredibly humbling experience. To not understand the majority of the conversations around me…..including most of those between my Fiance and those in his world….creates the feeling of isolation and stupidity. Also, having to lean on someone else (and here I mean Dragan) to help me find a salon to do my hair or simply to order me a cup of coffee (which is impossible considering I really only like to drink DRIP COFFEE which does not seem to exist here –TRUST ME, THERE WILL BE MORE ON THIS LATER) is also a humbling experience. Whereas I’ve always prided myself on my independence, I find I am the most dependent person in the world at the moment. I feel like a child learning to count……trying to wrap my tongue and my sounds around the French dialect and I get overjoyed when learning to master things like, “Where is the bathroom?”! haha!

These are good things though as much as I need to remind myself of this at the moment. Things that put us out of our comfort zones, are usually the most rewarding in the end and I know that immersing myself into a new culture, language and way of life, will be one of the most rewarding stories of my life……even if it seems impossible and stressful in the here and now.

So there. First post done. I’m looking forward to embarrassing myself on this blog with my stories and will try to bare my soul as often as possible…..letting the few who read this into an intimate part of myself called GROWTH and all the pains that come along. I will also offer tips on the area and surrounding areas as I become, I am sure, and expert. :-))

Here’s to taking leaps and chances, to going after love and dreams, to striving toward the impossible and to creating lives worth telling and enjoying. Hopefully mine will be. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone

  • You are so brave!! It is a good thing you like learning new languages and accents! You will be teaching the French before long. Add a Texas drawl and you will really confuse them!! I remember how impressed I was at the speed you learned the streets and subways of NY city!!!


  • I am so excited for you, Sarah. You will be surprised how wonderfully immersion works in learning a language… it’s how I first started my journey with French so many years ago. I can’t wait to follow your journey here. What a wonderful life you’re living. xo


  • This will be one of your most rewarding experiences. You are so correct. We all need to be out of our comfort zone to know any success and growth. You will do as you always do. You will make up your mind….You will emerse yourself into mastering the language…. You will grasp things as quickly as you always do… At the speed of Sarah. Ha ha ha Your father loves you.


  • Finally read the first post – you never hesitate to jump into crazy adventures, and this one I’m sure will be rewarding because of the challenge. I love you and am excited to read about your experiences. ❤ Norma


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